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XMind 8 Pro 3.7.7 Build 201801302031 Crack

bug 1760625 in xmind "xmind 8 pro 3.7.7 build 201801302031" [Undecided,Confirmed] bug 1760526 in xmind "xmind 8 pro 3.7.7 build 201801302031" [Undecided,New] hmm right, I'm in ubottu-fr maybe I should also have a look I see no way to adjust the clock on Gnome Calendar on 19.04 If it is possible, and not by configuring via gnome-tweak-tool, how? Because I don't want to keep switching to the terminal just to try setting clock offset hateball: kalikiana: Thank you! hateball: it's not the easiest thing to do and is done without the clock applet, but if you do run into problems or have some ideas, it's possible. we just need the command and config file to place in the correct place I don't know what the exact command will look like, but it's bound to be something like $UTCDATE + offset and just put the config file into the same place the clock applet is I don't have xfce4-panel, but when I use gnome-calendar-widget I have the clock applet. Does that not come with 19.04 or just not allow changing offset? hateball: I'm not sure about the interface of the clock applet, but generally speaking the icon can be found by pressing 'home' or by using xfce4-panel and then you can change the time, though it's not as easy as setting the offset I've searched and found nothing Ok, I'll look for the config file somewhere and try something

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